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Our son started with Learning Together Academy a few months back, and I will have to admit that I was a little leery.  I have never been a fan with home facilities. I personally felt like they were not as organized or activity or educationally driven. I have been pleasantly surprised since starting at LTA. At learning together academy they have lesson plans for the week with scheduled activities and field trips! When our son came over he was having some behavioral issues due to what I believed to be overstimulation from too many kids in one room, and inconsistency in redirection. We have not had one instance of these behaviors since we began at Learning Together Academy! Great place with a great teacher!
June 23, 2016

Our children have been to multiple childcares and preschools in the past, and we have loved everything about Mrs. Taylor's preschool!

Nancy R.-February 25, 2016


Only left because I quit working but still contemplate putting my kids back in this school part time because we love Mrs. Taylor so much.

~Nichole K. October 31, 2015

We are so lucky to have found LTA and Mrs. Taylor. Our son loved every minute and will go into kindergarten reading at such a high level. Thank you!!!

~Erin I. May 28, 2015


We currently have 2 children enrolled at Learning Together Academy and have attended Learning Together Academy, with Ashley Taylor, for 2 years. We have been more than please with our experience here and would gladly recommend it to anyone! From songs and playtime, to letters, reading and math, we have been so excited to see our children learn and grow and have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of knowledge they gain while at pre-school. More importantly, we know that our children are loved and are in a very safe environment.




June 21, 2015

Our daughter, Tessa, attended Learning Together Academy for about one year, until she started full-time Kindergarten in the fall of 2012.  It was our experience that Learning Together provided a "family-style" environment with just the right amount of structure and variety for her developmental level.  Tessa always enjoyed attending and made progress with her learning and social skills while there.  Ms. Ashley was fair but firm in her discipline style, which is EXACTLY what our daughter needed!  Tessa is clearly ahead of many of her classmates in her Kindergarten class... and I attribute that to her time at Learning Together Academy.  I would highly recommend this preschool!


Jennifer Brown  April 14, 2013


My son has attended Learning Together Academy for almost two years and has become his own little person! With being an only child, he has had the opportunity to grow academically and socially, from learning to get potty trained, learning his colors, numbers, writing his own name, etc., to have the ability to be around children his own age and interact the importance of manners and the concept of sharing. My son's critical thinking skills and vocabulary has vastly improved due to our bi-annual parent-teacher conferences to evaluate my son's educational needs. Another bonus to attend to this school, Ms. Ashley has the children on a routine schedule, which could easily be followed at home, worked wonders for me! I would highly recommend Learning Together Academy to anyone who is looking for quality and passion for a positive impact in your children's lives'!

Thank you again Ms. Ashley, 

Christina S. 



Madelynn, our 3 year old daughter, has attended Learning Together since August 2012.  I appreciate the individualized attention she receives from a home-based center as opposed to a large child care facility.  Ms. Ashley takes the children on field trips throughout the community, differentiates instruction based on student needs and somehow gets our daughter to eat broccoli when she won't even touch it at home!  My husband and I love Ms. Ashley almost as much as Madelynn does!

~Sarah P. 2-27-2013

Ashley Taylor is a wonderful teacher.  My daughter attended her preschool for three years and she really prepared her for Kindergarten.  Now my daughter is one of the top students in her class and is part of an advanced reading program.  Much of this can be credited to Ashley's program.  She is also trustworthy and reliable, which makes me happy as a parent.  I appreciated the way Ashley incorporated positive discipline, conflict resolution skills and manners into her teaching program.  I highly recommend Ashley Taylor to teach your child.



February 26, 2013


My son has been attending Learning Together Preschool for almost a year.  I would not take him anywhere else.  He has grown in speech and independence since he started attending this 5 star atmosphere.  I can not explain how much Mrs Ashley has taught and spent time investing in my son and helping him grow so I can work.  Learning together preschool is more than I expected and a wonderful atmosphere for any child! A++++++


~Karola B. 2/1/2012

I have two children attending Learning Together Preschool and my children love it.  My children have attended since the first of November and already my 2 yr old is talking better, getting potty trained, and attempting to do everyday tasks that she was not doing before.  My 3 yr old is also talking better and is excited to go and play with his friends.  Both of my kids are very happy when they are picked up and always tell us they have had a good day.  I feel my children are very well taken care of and that Ms. Ashley is a great, well structured teacher.  I would recommend others sending their children to her.

~12/29/11 Vanessa J.

Mrs. Ashley is a great teacher!!! My daughter attended her preschool for nearly 2 years.  She learned so much and is many steps ahead of her peers and she's not even 5 yet! Mrs. Ashley was very loving, open, compassionate and honest with us! She went out of her way to make my child feel as though she was her own! Between the ages of 2-4, my daughter learned all of her basics, including shapes, colors, calendar, etc. I was most impressed when our daughter learned all about the President of United States, when she learned how to WRITE her own name, and our family's address! Mrs. Ashley went above and beyond for us and our daughter! I would recommend her to anyone!!!

~12/8/11 Keith H. 

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Tuition Payments & Securing Your Child's Spot

Tuition payments are pre-payed a weekend in advance. Parents may choose to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


In order to secure your child's spot for an upcoming school year or summer session, parents must pre-pay two week's tuition in advance, along with the yearly Materials Fee. Spots can be secured a year or more in advance. Spots are only held with a signed contract and tuition payment. Contact our Academy today for details. 

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